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👋 Hi, I'mAndrew!

A full stackRuby on RailsandOSSdeveloper, content creator, and problem solver who issearching for a new team.

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I am actively searching for a new role and would love to chat with you to see if I am the right fit for your team!

Some Background...

I label myself as a full stack Rails developer, but that could be called an understatement. View myskills,experience,projects,LinkedIn, orGitHubfor more information. Still have questions?Contact me!

My Specialties

  • Design and development of Ruby on Rails applications, engines, and gems in agile development environments on small and medium sized teams.

  • Knowledge of RESTful service orientation, expertise in advanced SOA patterns and REST service composition.

  • Maintaining current production systems, as well as lead, design, develop and implement new functionality.

  • Very active in the Ruby and Rails community through open source contributions, podcasting, blogging, and conference attendance.

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Community and collaboration is important to me

When I am not learning, hacking on a side project, or surfing, you will probably find me contributing to open source projects, discussing Ruby and Rails on a podcast, or blogging.

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